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Economy and effectiveness are the most important considerations when circulating air within large spaces.
SkyBlade unique and patented blade uses STOL technology to circulate more air using less energy.


Known as HVLS fans, High Volume Low Speed, they move a seriously high volume of air and are an affordable option when cooling a large area eg/ warehouses, manufacturing areas, school halls and alike.

Circulating High Volumes of air at Slow Speed, create a gentle breeze and lower the perceived temperature by 8-10ºC. A 3.6m HVLS fan moves up to 3000 cubic meters per minute at a maximum speed of 88 rpm, it would take more than 10 pedestal fans to move this volume of air at a significantly higher running cost.

Big performance for big spaces, ranging in size from 3.6 – 7.3m in diameter. Powered by Geared or Direct Drive motors.
HVLS Fans work well independently, in a team and with other cooling systems such as evaporative and refrigerated air, in fact, using HVLS Fans with air-con can lower overall energy energy costs.


The superior design of SkyBlades STOL blades, achieve optimal performance with fewer blades, using less energy and circulating more air than any other HVLS Fan.

The running cost of a SkyBlade fan is 50% less than any other HVLS fan available. And moves almost 5X as much air! View comparison chart

Quiet operation is yet another feature of Skyblade, measured to be quieter than a library.

 The Skyblade range has a model and size to suit all commercial and educational spaces, Our many happy clients include schools, gyms, showrooms, warehouses and agriculture. See the range 


The premier STOL range.

Range of eight fans from 2.4m to 7.3m with an effective diameter of 24m-73m.

Suitable for large spaces, such as Warehouses, Pick-n-Pack Facilities, Gym & Fitness, Play-Centres.



The ultra quiet Turbo Prop range.

Range of six fans from 1.8m to 4.9m with an effective diameter of 18m-49m.

Suitable for small-medium size space, With it’s near silent operation it is ideal for schools.


So quiet you can hear a pen drop

Working with the team at Rochford Winery in Victoria, obviously they wanted to install HVLS fans to improve the comfort of their patron but they were concerned regarding the sound output of such large industrial fans. Listen when playing the below clip and you’ll hear for yourself that SkyBlade is the quietest fan available.


Our Latest Work

We are moving air all around Australia and New Zealand, here are a few places we’ve installed SkyBlade HVLS fans recently.

Rochford Winery, Victoria

Play Centre, Victoria

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