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The premier STOL range.

Range of eight fans from 2.4m to 7.3m with an effective diameter of 24m-73m.

Suitable for large spaces, such as Warehouses, Pick-n-Pack Facilities, Gym & Fitness, Play-Centres.

STOL; Better Blade, Best Efficiency Comparison Chart



The ultra quiet Turbo Prop range.

Range of six fans from 1.8m to 4.9m with an effective diameter of 18m-49m.

Suitable for small-medium size space, With it’s near silent operation it is ideal for schools.



Turbo Prop; Better Blade, Best Efficiency Comparison Chart



SkyBlade HVLS – High Volume Low Speed

SkyBlade High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans are specially designed fans with leading edge STOL technology. They improve overall comfort by creating a gentle breeze over a wide area, utilising the natural cooling mechanism in the body to make us feel up to 10ºC cooler

Patented STOL blades

An aeronautical term STOL stands for Short Take Off and Landing. SkyBlade fans use this technology to maximise the downdraught of air whilst minimising the energy required.

This gives SkyBlade the ability to move more air at slower fan speeds that are almost silent; in fact SkyBlade fans are up to 3 times quieter than similar fans.

Added Wingtips

The wing tips further enhance the efficiency of the SkyBlade fans by directing the air downwards and minimising wasted energy from the tips.

The wing tips help stabilise the air at the end of the blade, reduce turbulence and vortexes and create a barrier to help push the air downward and not sidewards. As a result, the fans create less noise and vibration.

SkyBlade Geared Motor

Our powerful – actually the most powerful and energy efficient motor in the market – is used to power the 6-blade STOL range. Totally enclosed, fan cooled (TEFC) IP55 motor with precision finished gearbox for low noise and long service life. Sealed with lifetime synthetic oil. Robust 3-inch output shaft for strength with nylon bushing on input.

SkyBlade Direct Drive Motor

Our Direct Drive Motor is used to power the 8-blade Turbo Prop range. The Direct drive system allows this fan to operate incredibly quiet. Totally enclosed direct drive, IP65 rated ECM motor. Onboard VFD is factory assembled and programmed for minimum start/stop torque loads.

Controller Options

Controller options from a single fan to complete building integration. Manual dial function to Smart Device enabled.

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