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The ICEN Industrial Portable Air Conditioner comes in 3 different models allowing for multiple uses and applications in the commercial and industrial markets. See range chart

The ICEN range offers an effective cooling solution for a variety of applications including Room Cooling, Spot Cooling, Temporary Cooling

Spot cooling is perfect for large areas where cooling of the entire area is not practical, a dedicated spot cooling thermostat controls the unit in this application. 

Room Cooling for smaller areas of up to 100m2. A control panel provides ease of use and contains a self-diagnostic function and display, showing operating modes, room and set temperatures, and faults. If an abnormal operation occurs, a visual display of the fault is shown.

Temporary Cooling when Emergency Cooling is required &/or for Server Rooms, Marquee events, Temporary office cooling and Military use in tents and aircraft hangars.

Features include:

    Easy Installation
    Cleanses & dehumidifies the air 
    Washable filters
    Self-diagnostic system
    Auto-Restart (power interruption)
    Compressor time delay
    Anti-freezing device
    Lockable wheels are included for easy portability



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