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Cooling and efficient temperature control is our business, we constantly study trends and factors affecting the industries we support and provide insights to issues affecting you.

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The summer ahead – 2019/20

We are in the temperature control business at SkyBlade as thus we are continually looking at the weather conditions so we can better serve our customers across Australia and New Zealand. With only 3-days remaining of our PRE-SEASON SALE and with 3-days until summer officially hits, here is what our friends at the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) and NIWA are predicting:


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Climate outlook overview from BOM – 21 Nov 2019

  • A drier than average summer is likely for eastern Australia
  • Above-average daytime temperatures very likely this summer.
  • Summer nights likely to be warmer than average except in the southeast.
  • Likelihood of warmer and drier conditions for large parts of Australia will persist until mid-summer.
  • Equal chance of temperatures being near average or above average for much of New Zealand, except the east of the North Island where above-average temperatures are most likely. Increased westerly air flows during the season, post-January, are likely to transport warm, dry air from Australia.

    SkyBlade HVLS Fans are the most cost-efficient and practical way of cooling medium-large workplaces.

    Call us today for a quotation and cooling plan to keep you and your operation cooler this summer – up to 10ºC Cooler!

    Keeping you cool from start to finish.

    Site visits and cooling plans are just a few services we provide – temperature control experts supplying workplaces and industry with the most efficient HVLS fans available.

    We keep you cool from start to finish by following a simple plan:

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    1. We learn about your facility/warehouse/workshop and your cooling needs.
    2. We create a cooling plan unique to your premises. A completely costed plan right down to providing you with an estimated running cost for the system.
    3. We site visit to confirm the plan and start installing using one of our nationwide network of installer electricians. Or if you’d prefer to use your own we support them with plans, installation manuals and the delivery of the fans.

    We supply the most efficient HVLS fans available plus we are experts in overall energy-efficient cooling. Rarely are two plans the same, we factor in the intricacies of your space plus utilise any current heating and cooling systems to create a system that is guaranteed to deliver a cool change.

    Contact us today to discuss your space and cooling needs and we’ll take care of the rest, site visits and building plans are just a few services we provide.

    Get cool and contact us today.

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    Turn hot and stuffy in to cool and comfortable.

    We all dream about being far away from work, relaxing in a cool summer breeze. SkyBlade fans can produce the summer breeze, the rest is up to your imagination.

     Turn hot and stuff in to a cool summer breeze and improve productivity and safety at the same time.

    What are the main 3 factors to consider when cooling large spaces?

    Efficiency, how much air will be moved.

    Running Costs, cooling large spaces can be extremely expensive what will the kWh cost be.

    Sound, how much noise can your space tolerate.

    At SkyBlade, of course, we think we have the best HVLS fans available, we’re not blowing hot air, we’ve checked and compared…….

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    When talking HVLS, there are two options to choose from – Geared Motor & Direct Drive, and there are three brands to choose from all made in the USA.
    If you’re looking for maximum cooling power HVLS Fans with geared motors are the best option. They are the biggest available, ranging from 2.4m to 7.3m. Comparing the same sized fan, from the three main brands available, the area covered (where the air is circulated) is significantly different.
    If sound minimisation important factor for your space, then HVLS fans with a Direct Drive motor are the best option. Again comparing the three brands that offer a Direct Drive Motor model, SkyBlade’s Turbo Prop model is amongst the quietest plus its effective cooling area far exceeds all other brands. 35dBA is equivalent to a whisper, 60dBA is a conversation.
    The SkyBlade Fan company was started and is still owned, by two engineers whose pursuit to create the best blade design – a blade profile that would move more air using the least amount of energy, lead them to start the SkyBlade a brand that has become known across industries as the best option in HVLS fans.

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    10º Cooler with a 30% Reduction in energy costs – Really!

    SkyBlade Fans bring cool relief to environments that were previously thought to be impossible to cool – cooling is an economical reality.

    SkyBlade Fans are seriously big fans, for seriously big spaces. These big fans are known in the industry as HVLS or High Volume Low-Speed fans. And that is exactly what they do – move a very High Volume of air at very Low Speeds. 

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    While air movement doesn’t actually lower the air temperature, the cooling effect is felt where it is most important, with the people. The evaporative cooling effect is conceived as a high volume of air moves over the skin at a gentle rate, like a summer breeze, resulting in the individuals feeling up to 10º cooler.
    Specified in new construction, SkyBlade reduces the required HVAC tonnage & ductwork. SkyBlade Fans are often used as an alternative to expensive cooling systems.

    Retrofitted into buildings with existing cooling systems, SkyBlade Fans allow for the thermostat to be increased, which saves 30% or more on energy costs while maintaining a comfortable temperature at the occupant level.

    In comparative tests, SkyBlade Fans have been proven to move MORE air with LOWER running costs. This is what SkyBlade can achieve in your large space:

    Reduce Perceived Temperature by 10ºC
    Increases Employee Comfort and Productivity
    Save Upto 30% on Cooling Costs
    Operate for less than $2 a day
    2-3 Year Return on Investment
    Alternative to Air Conditioning
    Compliment Existing Cooling
    Reduces A/C Usage
    Set A/C Set Points Warmer by 10ºC Without Feeling a Difference
    Quiet Operation
    Recycles and Redistributes Air
    Reduces Condensation, Corrosion & Mold
    Maintain a Comfortable Environment all Year Long

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    Ceiling fans as big as Texas! Only in America…….

    It’s true these Ceiling Fans are big and hugely popular in America – not quite as big as Texas but they are made in the USA! Big on cooling and low in cost they’re becoming big news in Australia and New Zealand too.

    To get you up to speed, here are a few facts about these big HVLS fans:

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    Known as HVLS fans, High Volume Low Speed, they move a seriously high volume of air and are the only affordable option when cooling large spaces, like warehouses, manufacturing areas, school halls and alike.

    Circulation; High Volumes of air are circulated at Slow Speed, creating a gentle breeze and lowering the perceived temperature by up to 10°C over a wide space. Effectively turning a 35º day into a comfortable 25º.

    Low Cost; HVLS fans have a low running cost, approximately 0.75c to $1.60 per kWh depending on the brand. That’s approximately $2 a day! Compare this to evaporative cooling at 0.90c and refrigerated air at $3.45 per kWh. 

    Efficient; Slow and steady, a 3.6m HVLS fan moves up to 3000 cubic meters per minute at a maximum speed of 88 rpm. This slow and steady rate creates a gentle breeze with low energy expenditure. It would take more than 10 pedestal fans to move this volume of air at a significantly higher running cost.

    10 Pedestal Fans or A Single SkyBlade Fan


    Big; HVLS fans are big! Ranging in size from 3.6 – 7.3m in diameter, however not all fans are created equal, the area cooled differs greatly using the same sized fan from different manufacturers, it is worth comparing the numbers. Designed for big areas warehouses, open-plan offices, indoor fitness, play centres, restaurants etc. 

    SkyBlade the quitest fan available. Image credit: Mauricio Abril

    Quiet; A new generation of HVLS fans are not quite as big – 1.8 to 4.9m – and operate even quieter than their big brothers, thanks to the direct-drive motor. Designed specifically for smaller spaces – 262 to 1.8m2 –where sound minimisation is valued. Some brands are as quiet as a church mouse.


    Use HVLS Fans individually or as part of a cooling team

    Works well with others; HVLS fans are great autonomously and love teamwork, in a team of other fans or other cooling systems. Working with existing cooling HVLS fans can lower energy cost by up to 30%, by operating air-con at 5-7°C higher temperatures and for fewer hours.


    No alt text provided for this image

    With the comparative testing results to back us, we know that SkyBlade the most efficient and cost-effective. Also, we have lived experience, our 900 m2 Australian warehouse and workshop is cooled using a single SkyBlade HVLS fan.

    Made in the USA SkyBlade fans are simply better – Better Blades, Better Efficiency.

    Contact us today before summer hits and we’ll provide you with a design to keep your space cool this summer.

    Cooler Schools

    The Clean Energy Council reports that the average school classroom uses 3800 kWh of electricity per year – about half that of an entire average household.

    With only 27 per cent of schools having an Action Plan to reduce their energy consumption various State Governments have developed programs to support schools in the lowering of the power bills of schools.

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    In Victoria, the Government is piloting a program the Greener Government School Buildings Pilot Program

    Amongst the initiatives contained in the program, The Victorian Government will stump up the funds for upgrades and schools will pay back the costs over a five-year period based on savings. After payback is complete, each school will keep half of the savings generated, making more funds available for other activities. Currently, 100 schools have been selected for the pilot

    In NSW, the most ambitious and targeted program, targeting the cost and benefits of cooling schools is the Cooler Classrooms program aimed to deliver sustainable cooling, heating and fresh air ventilation systems to eligible classrooms and library spaces. 

    In Queensland, the Advancing Clean Energy Schools program has engaged, via a tender process, three contractors to carry out the state’s work. Unfortunately, schools are unable to be proactive in advocating their needs by applying for the program, so we could see a lot of Queensland school students swelter until the government comes around to their school.

    The Northern Territory understandably is focussing on power generation as a sustainable option with their Rooftop Solar in Schools program.

    As part of a significant boost for maintenance across Western Australian schools, the government will be removing old and inefficient heating and cooling systems.

    At the time of writing, Tasmania does not have a specific school energy program in place.

    Of course, it’s not just schools that are looking to reduce their power bills and become more energy-efficient, small to large businesses across the country have been looking for achievable options to reduce, specifically, their heating and cooling costs.

    When it comes time to heat or cool large spaces – warehouses to a school gymnasium – refrigerated and even evaporative cooling become a highly expensive option to install and to run. The efficiency of these options is greatly improved when a High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fan – the big fans sometimes seen in large hospitality and industrial environments – is incorporated into the cooling plan.

    As a stand-alone option, HVLS fans are the most economical option for cooling medium to large areas. SkyBlade’s 1.8m Turbo Prop Fan cools an effective area of 18m or 262 m2, dropping the perceived temperature by 10ºC. SkyBlade’s Turbo-Prop range is also the quietest available 3X quieter than any other HVLS fan.

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