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High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Skyblade fans can create comfort all year round.

1. HVLS fans make you feel cool. They create a gentle breeze with which perceived temperatures are up to 10°C cooler.

2. HVLS fans are really big fans. They range from 3.6 m to 7.3 m in diameter.

3. HVLS fans are created for high ceiling facilities. The most common height of a warehouse, a single story shopping center or a sports hall is 6-7 m.

4. HVLS fans are quiet. Noise in the library – 40 – 45 dB. Conversation at home – 50 dB. Air conditioning unit at 30 meters – 60 dB. Vacuum cleaner – 70 dB.  Food Blender – 88 dB. SkyBlade Fans (one of the quietest fans among HVLS fans) – <45 dB.

5. One 4.3 m fan was enough to cool the church sized 600 m2. It cut 30% of cooling costs and was working as quiet as a church should be (45 dBa). It cost $1 per day to run.

6. HVLS fans move large amounts of air slowly. The 3.6 m fan moves up to 3000 cubic meters per minute with maximum speed 88 revolutions per minute. Compare it to the speed of an early vinyl record (78 rpm) or pedestal fan (over 1000 rpm).

7. One 76 cm pedestal fan costs about A$550 (it is top of the range), delivers 300 m3/min of air, makes 78 dBa noise and rotates at 1380 rpm. The smallest of HVLS fans from SkyBlade Fans, 3.6 m fan, delivers 2900 m3/min, makes <45 dBa noise and rotates at 88 rpm, which is 17 times slower. To move 2900 m3 of air per minute, one would need 10 pedestal fans, which would make a lot of noise and consume 280 x 10 Watts. 12’ HVLS fan uses 300 Watt.

8. Our warehouse is 900 m2. We use one fan to cool it.

9. If HVLS fan is operating together with heating, the heating costs can be cut up to 20% thanks to destratification.

10. If HVLS fan is operating together with cooling, the cooling costs can be cut up to 30% (lower thermostat to 5-7°C, operate HVAC for less hours).

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