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Condensation and stale air can lead to mould growth and hazardous work condition. Left untreated, this can cause an increase in sick leaves and possible product damage. So how can SkyBlade fan help? 

Moulds thrive in an environment where moisture is present and sunlight is absent. This is why they grow twice as much in winters. Other factors that accelerate the growth of moulds are:
    • limited sunlight
    • heavy rainfall
    • moist air
    • cold temperature leading to condensation
    • tightly sealed building with diminished air ventilation or stale air
Why should you care?
Mould infested workplace may lead to a dramatic increase in the rate of asthma and other breathing problems in employees and could be a substantial source of sick days, according to the research conducted by the World Health Organisation.
Employers in Australia have a duty to provide and maintain for employees, as far as practicable, a working environment that is safe and without risks to health (Occupational Health and Safety Act, 2004, Section 21). They have the responsibility of identifying hazards in the workplace and eliminating the hazards it possible. If elimination is not practicable, then the employer must take measures to control the hazard and reduce the risk to workers.
What is commonly done about it?
What is commonly done about it?
Regular inspections that are done to identify where mould spots have grown is a reactive measure. Most employers follow the common preventive measures such as
  • Identifying condensation and wet spots
  • Timely maintenance and prompt repair of leaks
  • Preventing condensation by increasing surface temperature, through insulation or increased air circulation, or by reducing humidity through ventilating or dehumidifying
  • Performing regularly scheduled building/ HVAC inspections and maintenance, including filter changes (see Australian Standard AS 3666.2)
  • Maintaining indoor relative humidity below 70 per cent (25 – 60 per cent, if possible)
  • Venting moisture-generating appliances, such as dryers, to the outside where possible
  • Providing adequate drainage around buildings and sloping the ground away from building foundations

The SkyBlade fan helps by increasing circulation. This eliminates condensation, therefore, preventing mould growth.

Case study
The Issue
A custom furniture manufacturer in Alabama has been experiencing huge losses due to mould growth damaging their products. The mould growth was occurring due to condensation issues and presence of stale air in the warehouses and showrooms. They have approached SkyBlade to help them find a feasible solution to eradicate the condensation and stale air, to solve their mould issue.
Our Solution
Our Solution
After carefully examining the layout and airflow in the warehouses and showrooms, SkyBlade calculated a strategic placement of nine STOL 16 FT diameter HVLS fans. The strategic placement of SkyBlade fans was able to create enough air movement increasing the air exchange rate to six times per hour. With the increased airflow, condensation was eliminated, therefore preventing the formation of mould on their product.