How Skyblade fans work

Summer Cooling

Save energy cost up to 30% by reducing the temperature difference from the ceiling to the floor!

Our big Skyblade Fans can help to drop the temperature up to 10ºC. While air movement does not lower the actual temperature in a space, the perceived evaporative cooling effect created by moving a high volume of air at a low speed over your skin can make a person feel up to 10º cooler! 

SkyBlade Fans will work with your existing cooling systems to give your employees and customers a comfortable temperature in the hot summer and save a significant portion of your energy bill. If you have no existing cooling system, you will still benefit from the cooling effects of SkyBlade Fans! Specifying SkyBlade Fans during new construction can also save builders by reducing the required HVAC tonnage and duct work for an area.

Industrial ceiling fan- Skyblade Fans- Cooling Effect

Cooling Benefits

  • Compliments Existing Systems
  • Reduces Condensation, Corrosion & Mold
  • Save 20-30% on Energy Costs
  • Quiet Operation
  • Reduces A/C Usage
  • Evaporative Cooling
  • Set A/C Set Points Warmer by 10-15º Without a Noticeable Difference
  • Reduces Perceived Temperature Between 10-15º
  • Increases Employee Comfort and Productivity
  • Alternative to Air Conditioning

Winter Heating

Yes, SkyBlade Fans will help you all year round.

They aren’t just used to keep you cool in the warm month. They can also reduce your heating bills and keep you comfortable in the winter!

Heat generated by heating units and machines alike rises to the ceiling where it is then trapped; causing a temperature difference between floor and ceiling which can be quite significant. By operating SkyBlade Fans at a low setting, you can recycle the lost heat by slowly and steadily bringing the trapped heat down to occupant level without causing a draft.

This new uniform temperature at your working space, warehouses and factories will allow you to lower your heating requirements, increasing the life of your equipment and give you a significant reduction in operation costs – over 30% in some cases!


Heating Benefits

  • Minimizes Temperature Differential from Ceiling to Floor
  • Reduces Heating Usage & Costs
  • Recycles and Redistributes Heat Through Space
  • Pulls Trapped Heat Down to Occupant Level Without a Breeze
  • Increases Employee Comfort & Productivity
  • Eliminates Hot & Cold Pockets
  • Energy Efficiency & Cost Effectiveness
  • 1-2 Year Return on Investment
  • Operates for Pennies an Hour
  • Maintain a Comfortable Environment all Year Long

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